Panda Magic Free Slot Game
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Game Description

The panda is almost like a mythical creature if you look at the novelty around any panda theme. It represents a secret society that protects the world. If you love the story of the panda, then you are going to love the Panda Magic free slot. You want to get into the world of the panda and see the magic that exists in it. Looking at is in overall, one would think this is just another magic theme. However, you will also uncover a great deal of sorcery as you play the game.

Panda Magic Free Slot Theme

The Panda is among the animals most talked about in the Chinese culture. It carries a great significance for the people of the region and many tales about the power of the panda are everywhere.

There have been great animation themes in free slots over the last few years. Panda Magic comes in as a particularly vibrant and bright game. This game might not be the best representation of the theme, but it is perhaps the only one on the US market trying to get there.

The game has a little short-coming as there is no mobile version at the moment. However, it has the most fantastic backdrop on the reels in the desktop version. It has the Panda wizard who also acts as the hosts the game’s animation aspect.

There is the spell reading owl that is one the best parts of the game. Apart from the owl, there are other images like the orbs, the portions, the Asian styled home, and the magician.

There is a magic ticket that acts as the games scatter and the games logo is used as the Wild symbol.

Panda Magic Features

The game has 30 free spins and if that is not enough, all earnings are doubled during this feature. Panda Magic has no pay-lines like other standard 5 reel free slots. It has 1024 ways to win which means that any the combination of three or more matching symbols (formed left to right) award a win. The player can also trigger the free spins round awarding either 20 or 30 spins.

The scatter symbol also provides high chances for a win with a combo. This option is not available in all free slots; therefore, there are more chances to get a bonus.

Wilds in the game appear in two ways. The first is the fixed wild and the second is the secondary bonus feature of more magic. A random trigger of these wilds initiates the addition of three more wilds to the reels by the panda. This feature means you should be looking for the magic element to increase your winning.