Panda Gold Free Slot Game
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Game Description

Prosperity, wealth and fortune. Is this the Chinese New Year, no this is the Panda Gold Free Slot with an abundances of features, spins, luck, longevity and other Chinese proverbs. The Panda symbol is wild on reels 3, 4, substitutes for all other symbols except for scatter. The scatter symbol is the Chinese symbol for fortune and 3 or more of this symbol will trigger the free slots feature. Once the free games feature is triggered, an automatic re-spin is played allowing the chance for additional scatter symbols to be obtained. There are 3 different free games features based on the number of scatter symbols available on the reels as below

Fortune Free Games

Triggered when 5 fortune scatter symbols appear, the Fortune Free games feature multiplies all prizes by 5. Any prize that includes at least 1 wild is also multiplied by 8 allowing a total of 40 times the wins.

Wealth Free Games

Triggered when 4 scatter symbols appear after the free re-spin, the Wealth Free Games feature allows for up to 8 times the wins if any wild symbol appears during the spin.

Prosperity Free Games

Triggered when 3 scatter symbols appear after the free re-spin, the Prosperity Free Games feature may triple the wins for prizes that include one or more wilds during the spin.

The remaining payout table of the Panda Gold Free Slot continues on the theme of Chinese superstition and incorporates a lot of the lucky number 8 in the payouts:

Symbol5 Reels4 Reels3 Reels2 Reels
Bird 1888188888
Bird 228888183
2 Fish188188
Chinese pavilion188188
Chinese flowers88188

Panda Gold Free Slot plays at 88 lines for a 50 line bet, so why not try your luck, improve your fortune and live long and prosper (ok, that one was a star trek reference).