IZombie Free Slot Game
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Game Description

Want something fresh in internet free slots, with tremendous graphics and simplistic user interface? IZombie slot is the go to answer for this question. It boasts excellent graphics, interactive symbols yet also a very simple and easy to control buttons playing the free slot. As you may have guessed the theme is based around zombies, the brain eating undead lost flesh of humans. Mind it they are not shown in a disgusting way but more like in fun and interactive way, so no need to put off this game. This game may have features similar to other slot games but has its own unique features. The features of the IZombie free slot:

Awesome Graphics

Compared to other internet slots on we have reviewed at our casino, the command of better graphics from the IZombie slot is felt energetically. This will sweep your attention, as the game will be providing a better atmosphere for the playing a slot game. The graphics will put strain on the valued eyes if you are hell bent on playing slot games for a great many hours. The colors are more vibrant due to the improved graphics, so this may be another reason to choose this one as your slot game of choice.

Interactivity of Symbols

Another fun aspect of this game is how the symbols react and act whenever there is a win or some other important event is happening in the game. Sometimes the bodily symbols like the ones shown on the cover of the game will jump to make a match from another reel to other one. This is for sure going to make your time at a slot game more fun and you will feel anxious on how they are going to react next.

Simple User Interface for the Player

This game invites you to play it, as the simple interface of the game makes the IZombie free slot more welcoming. Together with cute interactions, cool graphics and the touch of simple user interface combined provide an easy to digest game not just for your hands but for your hands and mental capacity too. All controls are provided directly on the screen within a finger’s distance. There is no need to go for the help (it is not provided) because everything of use including the information is available affront. Game rules, pause button, chat, and the mute button are provided on the black bar below the actual controls.