Fantasy Mission Force Free Slot Game
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Game Description

You know it is a good product whenever the face of Jackie Chan graces the cover of anything, be it Internet Slots, movies or maybe just a toy. Well the Fantasy Mission Force free slot does have that face on it, and by the looks of it the game looks great too. Are you a fan of his action packed movies, well then look no further as the Fantasy Mission Force slot is themed around those very same action adventure movies. Weaponry and other Asian actors are part of the equation too as the reels of this free slot is wearing these like pieces of jewellery. Other than the progressive jackpot feature in this game, the other main features are:

Kaboom! Feature

This feature consists of added Bickford fuse to some symbols. Bickford is a metaphor for an old way of starting a time bomb one by one; therefore here it uses different symbols in place of bombs.  More than three Bickford fuses triggers up to 3 free games per fuse. Now this is a nice way putting an allegory for use.

Dynamite free games

A scatter on reel 1 together with a wild on reel 5 triggers 7 free games. The prizes during these free games are tripled and are not triggered again. The scatters on the Fantasy Mission Force free slot are dynamite (pun not intended).

Immaculate graphics

Like the IZombie slot on our internet slots casino, the graphics of Fantasy Mission Force free slot are superior to most others available online. Created with a tinge of orange and red, the color of green (symbolizing soldiers) is dressing the screen overall, which looks good with the enhanced graphics. There can be a 100% bet that the atmospheric feel of action movie will be felt to someone when when playing this game.

Similar soundtrack to an action movie

You will feel the motivation, when playing the game because of the inspirational music in the background. It will give you goose bumps along the way when you happen to win a game whilst listening to this soundtrack. 

Immersive action scenes from Asian movies included

Just when you happen to win a pattern of a pay line in this free slot, the symbols with actors being displayed on the screen will show scenes form their respective movies. For example Jackie Chan somersaulting and jumping in a scene from his movie and this other guy taking a smoke and exploding. There is also an Asian soldier shooting a gun and a women about do something with a weapon of her own.