Enchanted Garden Free Slot Game
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Game Description

The Enchanted Garden Free Slot is another epic story that brings to life a new realm. You will get immersed in this world of hazard and excitement, completely feeling at home.

It is more than just playing like any other free slot games. You feel right about being part of the natural world and dealing with other animals.

Enchanted Garden Free Slot

The game is the setting of a great and epic idea, it is all about nature and what nature can do. From the name of the game, you can already get a glimpse of what is in store for you.

Many of us have been fans of hearing fairytale stories since we were children. Some even had their mysterious fairytale lands that they enjoyed to visit.

In this internet free slot, you meet incredible creature are plants from the land of magic. It creates the air land with its pictorial representation. When you are playing the game, it feels as though you are in that world and you think what they think.

The Enchanted Garden slot is an accurate representation of enchantment. The graphics in the game so well represents the theme.

Enchanted Garden Features

There are not too many pictures in this game, but the few that are there bring the theme to life. The graphics aren’t even very distinct as the colors are a bit dull. Unlike other free slots, the colors of the game don’t strike as much as anyone would expect them to.

Five reels and 20 paylines, it represents a classic online video slot game. It has progressive jackpots that are always changing. The players are in charge of controlling the number lines as well as the best. The minimum and maximum bets are $0.02 and $5 respectively.

The symbols in the game include a garden, fairy princess, and a butterfly. Fairy stories never end without a unicorn, and this is one with such animals. You will also find many other symbols in the game.

The Fairy Princess represents the wild symbol. It means this symbol carries the most significant as far as winning is concerned and can substitute other to complete the winning line.

The Fairy Princes appears on reels 2, 3, and 4. This symbol cannot substitute the scatter. When you win with the fairies, you get doubled winnings. There is a win with the Scatter Garden symbol; the total bet multiplies them.

If you get the Enchanted Garden slot, you receive free spins. If the scatter symbol appears on reel one and the Fairy Princes on reel five, you get free spins. The Enchanted Garden free slot has many symbols that can help you win with ease. You can’t miss on a chance to triple your prizes with the FireFly feature.