Deal or no Deal Free Slot Game
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Game Description

Deal or no deal is an interesting free slot game that was a famous TV show for many years in the United States and still is. It is a great opportunity to experience the game show on your very own phone or tablet. It includes the same theme and concept as that of the television show that is still very popular till this day. Although, the game includes the original options, there is a variety of many other additions which make it more fun to play. As it is a guessing game, it builds up the player’s enthusiasm and curiosity to know the right box and find the million dollar cash prize, because who doesn’t want to win a million dollars? It takes the most out of your patience and drives you to make unexpected decisions and turns. The banker can even lure you to some picky choices. After the television show, people started to play the Deal or no Deal Slot at casinos and pubs and now there is the free Deal or no Deal slot online.


They symbols include a reel of briefcases, models, the famous red button and Howie Mandel the TV host. The models in the game provide constant support and the banker is designed to give the players an opportunity to win more or probably less money. This adds a reality to the version and the player feels like being a part of the original show. There are two rows displayed in the game screen which show the amount of money present in each briefcase, although the slots do not specify which case holds what. The layout of the game is just as attractive as the game show and it further makes the player enjoy himself.


The idea of the game is to play for winning a cash of one million dollars. There are twenty six briefcases and each briefcase holds different amounts of cash in them. The briefcases can have any amount from a penny, thousand or even a million dollar reward and also a mysterious individual known as the banker partakes in the game. The banker provides options to either make a deal with him or choose the yet closed box in the player’s hand. The player needs to choose seven cases or make a deal with the banker and find out the amount of his choice at the end. There is no minimum when it comes to winning as you can win an amount as less as a penny to as much as a million. This game has five reel lines and more than one player can play it at a time. During the slot, the music and sounds are also played from the TV show for a better playing experience. There are different ways to play as you can play different bonus games and have several ways to payout structure. Nonetheless, the game is made exactly the television version and people enjoy it just as much.