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Game Description

An epic tale of a little pink monkey named Banana Jones and an evil tiger with his army of snakes. If you are bored with the norm of other free games, then the Banana Jones free slot is the one for you. A game that takes a twist on the classic snakes and ladders board game, except in this case it’s snakes and vines…also bananas and diamonds.

The concept of the game is set out in the way of the classic snakes and ladders game. The player is given 5 rolls of a dice, using the numbers given from the rolls of the dice, Banana Jones makes his way up the board. If the character lands on the base of a vine at the end of a roll, Banana Jones makes his way up to the top of the vine. If however the character lands on at the head of a snake after a roll, then it’s time to make your way back down to the tail of the snake. As you make your way up the board, each relevant block you land on adds to the counter, the payout table includes the following:


The goal of this free slot is to reach the very top of the game within the 5 rolls unlocking the Crystal Banana Quest feature. There is also an additional mini game in a wheel-of-fortune type format. If Banana Jones lands on a Inca statue piece,  the treasure wheel feature is triggered. The player is awarded 1 spin of the treasure wheel to claim the prize the wheel lands on.

Crystal Banana Quest Feature

As mentioned above, this feature is triggered when Banana Jones reaches the top of the game and enters the temple. The player is shown 18 treasure chests and unlocks 1 chest at a time. Each chest contains either a plum, apple, banana, grape or a pear. Each type of fruit found is added to a counter and the game ends when one of the counters is full and the corresponding prize is awarded.