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Game Description

The Asgard free slot is a six reel, three-row game with Viking characters. Three Viking warriors and one Viking maiden. The remaining images are A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9 from a deck of cards.

Part of the Thor theme slots such as the Thunderstruck and Thunderstruck II free slots, the game is played by clicking the the 3 speed spin button. The spin has three speeds, fast, medium and slow. When the rate is in the fast mode, the reel drops three rows and stops instantly. The medium and slow speeds the wheel makes a complete revolution.  The game can be played from one reel per spin or increased in number to 243 ways to win. Click turn to start the reel rolling, then click again to stop the spin.

Asgard Free Slot Features

One of the most distinguishing features of the Asgard Free Slot is the fact that there are 2 Wild symbols and 6 Features! That’s right, we said 6:

  • Thunderbolt Feature
  • Free Games Feature
  • Goddess Feature
  • Loki’s Magic Feature
  • Thunder God Feature
  • Valhalla Feature

The 2 Wild symbols are the Golden and Silver wilds. The Golden wild counts for all symbols except scatters and the prize is double when this appears. The Silver wild on the other hand is only available during the Loki’s Magic feature and counts for all symbols except the Golden wild and scatter.

Free Games Feature

The Free games feature will trigger when 3 or more scatter appear during a normal game. This feature actually triggers a choice of up to 4 other bonus features as they are progressively unlocked after a certain number of triggers.

Thunderbolt Feature

The ThunderBolt feature is triggered randomly during any spin. When this feature is triggered, up to 5 reels will turn wild before pays are awarded. You will not find any scatters during this bonus.

Goddess Feature

The Goddess Feature is unlocked from the first trigger onwards and once triggered, 15 free games are awarded. This bonus can be re-triggered during other bonuses

Loki’s Magic Feature

The Loki’s Magic feature is triggered from the fifth trigger onwards and awards up to 20 free games. During this bonus, the silver wild is added to Reel 3 through the whole duration of the feature. This wild randomly replaces up to 5 Reels when it appears. As mentioned, the silver wild symbol during this feature counts for all others except the Golden wild or scatter. Anywhere from 2-5 bonus symbols that appear during these free games will add 1-4 extra free games respectively.

Thunder God Feature

The Thunder God feature is triggered from the tenth trigger onwards and awards up to 25 free games with Wild multipliers. When a all-ways-pay win occurs, the player is awarded either a 2 or 3 times Wild multiplier that will overlay symbols at random on Reel 2, 3 or 4. Standard Wild multiplier rules apply while the 2 and 3 times wild multipliers cumulatively multiply wins by 2 and 3 respectively. If the 2 or 3 times wild multiplier overlays a Golden Wild, wins including the Golden wild will be multiplied by 4 or 6 respectively. Any re-trigger will add 5 extra free games.

Valhalla Feature

The Valhalla Feature feature is triggered from the fifteenth trigger onwards and awards up to 30 free games with morphing symbols. Any winning symbols are morphed after pays are awarded. Morphing continues after each win until no further winning combination is available. A prize multiplier builds up for successive wins from the same original spin. Prizes are 2 times in the first morph through to 5 times in the forth morph and any re-trigger will add 8 extra free games.

Asgard Free Slot Rating

  • Playability 9.0.  The game is simple to play, place the cursor on the spin button and click.
  • Re-playability 8.0. The game is not a big payer, you get attached and don’t want to quit.
  • Payouts 7.50. Does not pay big wins it hit 5 of a kind one time during the review game.
  • Appearance 9.0 The game is attractive enough, the graphics are very good with a lot of pixelation. The images are sharp without distortion. The overall look is part of the game’s attraction. Recommend playing the game, be aware that it doesn’t pay big wins.