Ancient Gods Free Slot Game
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Game Description

There has always been wars across all ages in human history. Especially in the Chinese culture with beliefs of ancient dragons and the bird of flame phoenix. All these supernatural fantasies are evident in the Ancient Gods Free Slot.

People have always tried to imagine what it would be like to be a god, to be immortal. In all these scenarios, there is always one thing eminent – a war between good and evil. On one side, there are gods to protect the people and on the other, those to oppress them.

To present this theme and understand it better, Ancient Gods Free Slot creates that environment. It makes you enter and bring back to life the world of old gods. You will never miss being mesmerized at how cool the features are in this game.

Ancient Gods Theme

If you want to explore a whole new realm, ancient gods will take you there. You have an opportunity to explore the old world of gods. In the past, before man, was the world of gods that looked over everything. Humanity was in direct contact with these gods and people would receive immediate protection from them.

The most fantastic tale include the immortal beast of Eden. The creature was the protector of the whole universe as it was under constant threats from evil forces. In this tale, dragons, snakes, turtles, tigers, and phoenixes team up to form a group of protectors. They all have one purpose of ensuring that everyone is safe.

You have a goal as a player to discover the golden medallions. Once you get them, celestial treasures will be unlocked, and you will be awarded free spins. There is the center dragon that can substitute all others. It offers the guide that you need on your path to payouts.

The game is a 5 reel, 25-payline free slot. You need as many free spins as possible, therefore ensure you have collected medallions and combined them with the center dragon.

Ancient Gods Features


There is not a lot to go by when it comes to logos. The game is still new on the market which means it still needs time to discover concerning symbols.

However, there are two dragons; which are the red and green dragon. These dragons represent the highest paying regular icons. These are symbols that carry great significance in this game.

The dragon symbols will be followed by Phoenix, tiger, turtle, and snake. Apart from these visible symbols, other symbols are also in the game. They include low-value orbs. Each orb is a representation of a particular animal deity.

Ancient Gods Special Features

The game has several distinctive features. If you want to trigger them, you will have to land at least three golden medallions. You get two free spins for every yellow dragon, and the golden medallion scatter. All prizes are double if you trigger the feature with four scatters.


Symbol5 Reels4 Reels3 Reels
Wild Dragon2500500200
Scatter Jade Jewel200102
Green Dragon1250250100
White Tiger5005015
Red Dragon Scales150305
Yellow Dragon Scales150305
Green Dragon Scales100255
Phoenix Feathers100255
Tiger Skin100205
Turtle Shell100205